How To Get Flawless Skin


Oh baby. My skin is not flawless by any means. But these three things have really helped it get closer.

1. A good moisturizer – This was a birthday present from my best friend, who knows me enough to know that I needed it and wanted it desperately. It’s a super rich cream that’s meant to be worn overnight, but I honestly have such dry skin that I wear it during the day too. It’s super breathable, and sinks into the skin really well.

2. A great base – Primer. I remember when this kind of thing first made an appearance in the beauty world (and in mine). I have to admit, I laughed. What a way to get us to buy more products! How could they think we would fall for that? But I fold. It’s great. My pores are tiny craters but I hate wearing a lot of foundation, and this stops me from having to. Prime your skin, wear less makeup. It’s that simple.

3. A perfect brush – This brush has changed my life. At the very least, it’s changed the way I apply foundation. It’s stiff but fluffy and blends like you wouldn’t believe. The most important part about getting flawless skin? Buffing in your makeup until it’s invisible. Look for brushes like this that still hold their shape, or go the sponge route to give you a more natural finish. This one is great too.

That’s it. Flawless skin. I always like to start here and go forward to figure out my makeup for the day. Even on the weekends, where I don’t wear much makeup, I always like my skin to stay fine.

What do you use?




Take A Moment – How To Recover From Blogging Block


Last month was a blur. I was working and working on the blog, both full
time. I had posts I had written from a while back thank goodness, but when
it came time to write new ones, I was so exhausted from everything else
that my mind was blank. Nada. Zip.

So how do you get past it?

I tried brainstorming with Victoria. This worked pretty well, but when it
came time to write, my heart still wasn’t in it. So we took a risk and took
a week off.


1. Take a Step Back. 

Blogging is demanding, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Your blog is
your baby, and it’s a newborn most of the time. Sometimes, you just need a
nap. Same thing as when you’re deciding how to brand your blog, it’s
important to stand back and look at the big picture. Is your content
reflective of the vibe you want for your blog? What’s your best content
based on? What do you have the most fun writing about?

2. If You Don’t Love It, Don’t.

There’s no point in writing about things you don’t like writing about.
People will know. It will show, trust me. So if you’re not having fun,
don’t write about it. Time to take a look at what it is you’re focusing on
and re-evaluate. I’m not saying no one has bad days. Sometimes you’re just
not in the mood to be creative. But if you’re finding that it’s more often
than not, maybe it’s time to rethink.

3. Be Your Own Audience.

Sometimes the quickest way to get overwhelmed and lose steam is by
comparing yourself and getting too wrapped up in your traffic. So stop.
Focus instead on what you’re doing. Your blog. Even if you’re the only one
reading it right now, keep doing your own thing and people will come look.
Don’t try to be something you’re not! You’re a unique snowflake. Mom said


I’m so excited to get back into things, now that we’ve worked out a few of
the bugs. The new design is awesome! It’s so great to finally have the way
the site looks reflect how I feel about it.

Hooray! If you’re struggling with your blog, I hope this helped! If you
have any questions, feel free to ask them below!




Glam Glow SuperMud Treatment: Worth It?


So I’m writing this while I sit here with a pore strip on. Does that give you a hint about how this is going to go?

I wanted to like this product. And at a whopping $76.00, I really needed to. See, I don’t spend that much on face masks. I feel like there’s only really so much they can do. So for me to spend that much, it would have to work a few miracles (am I right?).

To be fair, I wasn’t expecting the moon. The closest thing to a miracle I’ve found in my short time on this planet is the Dr. Dennis facial peel wipes. This mask reminded me of a very very very weak dose of those mixed with my trusty Origins charcoal mask.

When you first put it on, it burns. In a nice way. If you’ve ever used a face mask that is supposed to awaken, regenerate, or tighten your skin (insert invigorating words as you see fit), you know the burning feeling. It’s nice. It feels like it’s working.

It’s also very smooth. It’s thin, but it really covers ground. You would definitely get a lot of use out of your tiny jar. It took very little effort to cover my face, and it dries quite quickly. It continues to burn for about 5 minutes after you put it on, and I kept it on for a total of 20 (it says 5-20 on the packaging, so you could definitely use this as a quickie).

The mask boasts 6 different face-clearing acids, including Salicylic, Lactic, and Glycolic. It also talks about using charcoal to clear out pores, and a plethora (ugh, best word) of naturally occurring skincare benefits in things like liquorice root and cucumber to help soothe and smooth your skin. The mask smells like black liquorice, which I didn’t really mind.

Ok, so 20 minutes later, I washed it off. It was honestly not much different than the charcoal mask. My skin is smoother, my pores do look smaller (although I definitely didn’t see the blackheads coming out like some claimed), and the raging blemish that has taken up residence on my face has calmed down.

But to be honest, I feel like I can get similar results with something less expensive. It’s a beautiful mask, and it definitely feels like a quality product, but the results just aren’t where they need to be for me to spend the money on it.

Have you ever tried this? What kind of results did you get? Sound off in the comments below!

Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment – $76.00


P.S. If you’re curious about other Glam Glow products (don’t worry, I don’t hate them all!), I did a review on their Thirsty Mud Mask.